Why Has The SEO Price Increased Over The Years?

In the current scenario, almost 90% of the businesses are getting involved with Digital marketing activities. SEO is already a popular strategy since you get laser targeted traffic once you get your keywords on the top of the page.

In the year 2008–12, it was quite easy to get ranked for any terms by doing little optimization like changing the Meta title, description, etc.

Then Google started making the search algorithm user-centric and for this,

They filtered all the sites having low quality or rehashed content that doesn’t deliver any information to the end-user. As a result, people started using Fresh content; hiring niche expert content writers is being great practice to get top-notch quality content

Later after 2015, Google used to filter sites that were doing backlinks bombardment as google understood it as a webspam as it was to manipulate search engine ranking by users. This helped google lowering the ranking of low-quality sites with respect to their link quality.

Now, as a result, people started using high-quality content that is shareable, considered only high-quality backlinks work and it cost time and a hell of lot of money.

One of the activities that we use in our link building is “Blogger outreach” and the cost of one link varies from $100 — $1200 and more if you get it from an online marketplace.

If you get one link from a news site like Forbes or Huffpost, it costs you no less than $2k for one single link. The reason people spend a lot of money on link building is the return as a great quality of SEO result.

Let’s take a look at the Guest Post Link cost from one of the biggest GuestPost service providers in the industry. Check out the cost according to their DA (Domain Authority) And Traffic.

So In a DA- 10 website, one post will cost $100 with 500 wordcounts written content.

and take the 2nd scenario where we take a post by considering the traffic module.

So for a website having 1000 per month traffic, one post will cost $200

Similarly, a higher Authority site having DA=50 with the same 500 wordcount content will cost $500 for one single post

Google Search Algorithms Update

One of the biggest challenges SEO services face is Search algorithms update. We all know there are tons of factors to consider while doing SEO of a web property. As discussed earlier, to maintain search quality, search engines like Google regularly update their algorithms.

They never reveal the exact rank process as they may result in SEO manipulation somehow. Having years of experience in the industry and regular updates can make an SEO guy somehow able to manage SEO practices.

The company hires top-notch people to maintain client SEO and this is also a cost factor that billed to the client-side. More experts and more professionalism also cost more. Right?

Check out one of the biggest search algorithms update done by Google early this year. In the first picture below, you can see the highest sensitivity has been recorded on the 23 rdof June and it was the biggest update in Google Search history ever.

And in the second picture, it tells you the type of results that got influenced by this update.

So, Google has its strict algorithms and policies and if you don’t follow and update your property, it will be kicked out from the race.

Take a look at this article:

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Doesn’t matter how big is the name/brand is, Google keeps eye on everyone who violates policies & norms.

Now the question is, is it still fine to spend XXX amount of money on SEO?

Yes, because if you don’t keep quality in your work, you will not be rewarded. As you can see the last 2 Google search updates ( May & Sept Core Updates 2020) show how serious Google is about filtering their search data to stop web spam.

They now have Artificial Intelligence in their search algorithm for Content, Links, and User Experience, so SEO needs more attention, dedication, expert team knowledge, technical expertise, time, and money.

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