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MARKETING. The back wheel of every business. Marketing affects the survival of every business. Marketing has always been practiced knowingly or unknowingly in many forms and ways and it will be practiced as long as we can think of; though not necessarily in the same form or the same ways.

With time, markets, demands, and perceptions towards commodities have completely changed. The modern era is of technology, where the market is online. Sellers are selling online and buyers are buying online, then how would marketing in any form which is not digital be effective. Marketing is no longer just advertising. It is providing consumers the best product according to their preference.

“Ignoring marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.”

With the shift in the presence of consumers and the market, the marketing tactics have also shifted to more consumer appropriate platforms and strategies.

One of those ways is video marketing. Video is a revolutionary change in the marketing field. Over the years video has surpassed all the other forms of marketing components. Video is a way to create the effect which simple words or pamphlet would not get even in a lifetime. Video marketing is just more relatable and pulls the right strings of the customer’s heart because everybody can feel engaged while watching a video but reading paragraphs might be boring for some.

1. Improves Search Engine Ranking -

Google and other search engines rate your website based on the time visitors spend on your website. The longer the visitors spend time on your website, the more are your chances of getting noticed by the search engines. It also gives you additional time to turn your visitors into customers. It gives clear proof that your website has the quality and relatable content.

High-quality videos are engaging, they tell a story that is relatable and alluring at the same time.

Backlinks are termed as a vote of endorsements by search engines so your content with backlinks will have more chances of higher ranking.

The top 100 searches have 70% video listings in their results. Google even rewards video producers with free traffic which can be converted into customers.

A video incorporated marketing campaign attracts 3 times more inbound links.

Videos are definitely a boost to your SEO.

2. Social Media Appropriate

Social media is part of a large population. So, reasonably a lot of people use social media to search for content. A video marketing campaign on social media platforms can be very beneficial for your business.

Facebook — It has the feature of live videos that can bring life to your testimonials. It is authentic and will give you a connection with your tribe. Facebook videos also give free rein over communication with the audience.

Twitter — Apart from living videos native videos catches user’s attention instantly. Short videos with a strong punch can be very effective on Twitter.

Instagram — Instagram was made for visual content and now with videos, you get an extra platform and user interaction to be in the user’s feed.

YouTube — Youtube is the native terrain for video marketers. A youtube channel for your business can be a place for all your videos for your products which will be helpful for your users. It will also be a way to get feedback about how effective your campaign is. Your Youtube video links can be embedded onto your website, blogs, and other platforms.

A video has a much more expanded reach than any other form of marketing. Traffic sources are more in the case of videos through platforms like Youtube, Daily Motion, Vimeo. It is a cost-effective way to spread the word about your business because users themselves share your useful videos with others. Users can also embed your videos onto their websites and or refer through social media. A study has shown that video content is shared by 1200% more times than links or texts.

4. Gives Personality to the Campaign

Videos portray your message with a lot of charm and personality. Videos build trust and give an opening to connect with consumers on an emotional level. Users would like to know the brand and video marketing allows showing what your brand is all about. Video also can make you stand out from the mediocre corporate campaigns.

5. Videos Get more Return on Investment

Studies and facts show that videos provide a good return on investment. Though video production can not be termed as a cheap or easy task as it pays off well in the long run. It’s not the capital in your video that is important but the content of your video.

6. Ideal For Mobile Users

With half of the population using cell phones why try diverting their attention from it and showing your video. Watching a video on the phone is easier, convenient, and effective. Users are on their devices most of the time which can be used through strategically placed videos on blogs, websites, and social media.

Mobile friendly and specific videos will be shared more among peers. It is easier to watch a user guide video rather than reading about it. That makes video marketing effective than any other means. Investing in video marketing will pay you back many times over in the form of audience retention.

7. Showing Rather than Telling

It is common knowledge that humans remember something they see longer than something they read or listen to. What better way to put an effect than showing the consumer exactly why you are different. Showing is more powerful than telling.

It makes a real experience for the audience. Showing is like proof of why exactly your product is beneficial for the consumer showing a video will also leave a stronger impact on the viewer.

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Originally published at on September 20, 2020.

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