COVID-19 and Digital Marketing

A few days ago I was searching the web for a new job for one of my friends as he lost his great paying job last month due to huge cut downs.

I came across a post where a person having 3 Kids and a wife all along gets a new home for the family as real estate cost went down due to COVID-19, this struck out my mind. I discussed the condition with the friend and he then decided to sharpen his skills until he doesn’t get a new job.

Every business is stuck somewhere in this pandemic, it doesn’t mean it can blow down the situation forever. everything will be all right.

Now what matters is the correct decision making. Is this the right time to opt-in to a digital marketing service? or hire a digital marketing expert is a good idea?

Sketch of virus

Absolutely yes, why?

Few points to outline here…

Less price with great productivity: This is the time people lost their job. I’m not talking about taking advantage of the situation. You can help them by hiring them as they will get paid for the work instead of nothing. This can be a cheaper deal of-course.

Advertising costs on paid platforms are lower than general: Since most businesses aren’t doing anything, you can take advantage of this to get future customers. PPC platforms like Google & Facebook have lower CPC these days. This can help you expand your business really quickly even in this condition.

As indicated above things are cheaper now and as a marketer I must say, you should positively take advantage of it.

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