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In this article, I’m going to discuss, how much does it cost to hire an SEO expert or an SEO consulting firm to set up a standard SEO campaign for your web entity. Costing varies on different conditions…

“A campaign below than $500 for a small and local project can be fishy. So once you’re planning to have a discussion with your SEO guy or a company, you must know circumstances that decide your SEO campaign costing”

So, I don’t need to tell you what’s SEO and how does it work. …

In the current scenario, almost 90% of the businesses are getting involved with Digital marketing activities. SEO is already a popular strategy since you get laser targeted traffic once you get your keywords on the top of the page.

In the year 2008–12, it was quite easy to get ranked for any terms by doing little optimization like changing the Meta title, description, etc.

Then Google started making the search algorithm user-centric and for this,

They filtered all the sites having low quality or rehashed content that doesn’t deliver any information to the end-user. …

MARKETING. The back wheel of every business. Marketing affects the survival of every business. Marketing has always been practiced knowingly or unknowingly in many forms and ways and it will be practiced as long as we can think of; though not necessarily in the same form or the same ways.

With time, markets, demands, and perceptions towards commodities have completely changed. The modern era is of technology, where the market is online. Sellers are selling online and buyers are buying online, then how would marketing in any form which is not digital be effective. Marketing is no longer just advertising…

Within the span of the outbreak of COVID-19 world has changed and also how it works. Now we are playing catch up with the new world we are not entirely familiar with but it’s different from what it used to be that’s for sure.

The economy is dangling between a cliff and a ditch. Getting everything normal again is a farfetched dream. So? Let’s adapt and see closely how COVID-19 has affected consumer behavior.

What people purchase has always been a flicking flame that is affected by even the slightest breeze, and COVID-19 is a storm that has done more…

Search engine optimization is one of the popular digital marketing strategies. You can get more information about how this strategy works for a business.

Top activities inside this SEO process are Website Audit, website On-Site SEO (On-Page SEO), Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO, and CRO (It can be considered apart from this strategy).

But the way these strategies should be applied sometimes varies.

Not all the Niche, business categories are of similar types, competition varies from niche to niche, and hence results sometimes reflect sooner and sometimes it takes longer than the expected time.

Let’s discuss the reasons, why a business…

A few days ago I was searching the web for a new job for one of my friends as he lost his great paying job last month due to huge cut downs.

I came across a post where a person having 3 Kids and a wife all along gets a new home for the family as real estate cost went down due to COVID-19, this struck out my mind. I discussed the condition with the friend and he then decided to sharpen his skills until he doesn’t get a new job.

Every business is stuck somewhere in this pandemic, it…

PPC is asynchronism of Pay Per Click. So if you’re aware of paid advertising, you probably heard of PPC services.

PPC, as the name indicates, is used to get instant traffic by placing your ads in Paid search. PPC can be initiated on search engines like Google and Bing and also can be used for social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

PPC Expert in Delhi

How PPC works?

Pay per click means you have to pay whenever someone clicked your placed ads. So, as you’re placing your ads campaign likewise other people do as well and hence platforms like Google and Facebook launch a bid for…

Before I begin, let dive into what exactly is Local SEO. Well, SEO is search engine optimization and can be done by optimizing your website or any web platform as according to search engine rules and algorithms. So, if you own a website, you wanna show this website to your local area. It can be your town or city.

For an example, if you have a shoe showroom in Hyderabad and you have large collections and designs but how you can tell people if your products are way cheaper and best in quality with respect to other brands out there?

World is moving faster than anything out there. We are living in digital world now. In 1990s, people were believing in physical existence of a product and they would buy after reaching out to the shop themselves. Sounds crazy! hu!

After 2005, Digital marketing went of crazy for the large brands and they concentrated on it rather than offline market promotion.

Online data explain how internet marketing is growing and taking over almost every possible business out there. Now a days if you own even a small business people don’t bother calling you after seeing your online presence. That’s called…


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